About college committees

In the beginning of the year the committee and its activities are addressed to the students and staff. The procedure is also wide published. The staff and students are informed to give their grievances in writing to the committee. The committee meets once in a month or if there is any complaint. The notice is given to the teacher or students who have complained to attend the hiring of the committee. In the committee proper enquire is made. Proper chance is given to the person who has given the complaint and the other parties to express their view. The committee comes to its logical conclusion give the verdict. The grievances redressal mechanism also consists of the Complaint box system. The complaint box system is kept in front of the college office every Monday it is opened by the committee and solution is implemented. The staff meeting also entertains the grievances of the teachers. The monthly meeting also entertains the grievances of the students the students council is also a part of the grievances redressal mechanism.

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Academic calendar committee

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Principal Dr. H. Y. DeoreChairman
2Lecturer- Dr. P. O. ChaudhariSecretary
3Lecturer- Dr. T. M. MaliMember
4Lecturer Prof. V. S. PuranikMember
5Lecturer- Prof. J. A. ChaudhariMember
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Grievance Redressal Cell

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Dr. H. Y. DeoreChairman
2Dr. P. O. ChaudhariSecretary
3Prof. S. S. BaisaneStaff member
4Dr. G. M. KhekadeStaff member
5Ms. R. S. KuwarStudent member
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IQAC Committee

Principal Dr. Hemantkumar Yashwant DeoreChairman
Dr. Dipak Prabhakar BaviskarCoordinator
Dr. Purushottum Onkar ChaudhariMember
Dr. Tushar Madhukar MaliMember
Dr. Priya Narendra Kurkure Member
Prof. Jyoti Adhar ChaudhariMember
Rupali Sukdeo Kuwar Student Representative
Hon. R C Bhandari Management Representative
Bapu S Mali Alumni Member
Dr. Gajanan Patil (H.R.Patel Arts Mahila College Shirpur) External Expert
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